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About the CyberWidows...


The CyberWidows is a group of men and women who come from many different walks of life.  We have different ages, ethnicities, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, lifestyle preferences and family situations.  Some are married, some are divorced ... some with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, or childless.

CyberWidows all have one thing in common, however.  We have all been betrayed by a loved one.  The betrayal comes in many forms, but all of the forms are a result of the Internet's influence.  Some CyberWidows accidentally 'found out' their loved one's online involvement, others were told directly about the betrayal by their significant other.  Some have found out years ago, some have found out just a few days or weeks ago.  Some handle it with anger, some with denial, some with self-destructive behavior.  Some have a harder time accepting the betrayal and moving ahead than others.  Some are still living each day with an addicted partner, and some have moved on without their significant other.  Each story is very different, while each are bound together by a common electronic thread.

Founded by Sheri Joyner, our goal is to give the betrayed an arena to make some sort of 'sense' of what has happened to him/her, steps to take toward healing, and a sense that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We rant, rave, cry, and give each other invaluable advice as we're all in this pain together.  We hope to give others the same comfort and hope that things WILL get better...this betrayal is not the end of you, it is merely the beginning.

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